Anne and Greg Laws were born in South Africa and raised in rural areas where they developed their love of the natural world through farm life, raising animals, horse riding and exploring.  They followed a career in nature conservation for 25 years, from environmental education in the Natal Drakensberg, to game ranging with the prestigious Natal Parks Board and later as project managers for WWF South Africa, specialising in community-based approaches to conserving some of southern Africa’s most critical natural assets.  They immigrated to the UK in 2003 and ran their own personal development training company for seven years bringing numerous groups to Botswana for intensive cross-cultural courses with the San, based at Dqae Qare San lodge.  In 2010 they accepted an offer from the San to run Dqae Qare and have now lived there for 8 years, developing the lodge from a run-down donor funded project to the highest-ranking lodge in the Ghanzi District today.  Dqae Qare San Lodge is owned by the Kuru Development Trust, a community organisation tasked with the development of the San village of D’Kar where some 2000 San live.




Anne Laws

Anne Laws is a registered professional Botswana guide with decades of experience throughout Botswana and southern Africa including a life lived on game reserves and travel to every corner of the sub-continent, always camping. She is especially knowledgeable on the Central Kalahari where she lives with the San (Bushmen) on a 7500-hectare game farm and cultural lodge, owned by the San, located some 70km west of the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR). Her greatest asset is her passion for this desert and especially for the vast wilderness that is the CKGR. Her courage, intense energy and uncompromising tenacity at tracking down the big cats adds great value to her tours. Anne is eager to share the privilege of her life in this extraordinary environment, the park, its animals, its plants, the tracks, the San and the folklore. Anne is an exceptional chef, in any kitchen, but especially in the bush where she conjures up amazing meals that are always a talking point of our adventures. Meals are greatly enhanced through the addition of wild foods harvested by the San and meat products from the rare breeds farm and associated charcuterie that her and Greg run from the farm. Anne is also a Level Three qualified medic with a wide-ranging knowledge of primary care and specialising in the rare but potential hazards associated with the African bush. Anne's passion for this land is infectious and will make a deep impression on your memories of Africa.

Greg Laws

Greg Laws is an ex-parks game ranger and specialist in community-based approaches to conserving some of southern Africa’s most precious wild places. He has over forty years of experience in the field and especially among the Kalahari San and has represented both WWF and IUCN at an international level in this capacity. He has run environmental education for children in the Drakensberg mountains, developed complex parks and neighbour’s programmes, promoted ecologically sensitive methods for problem animal control and achieved international status for developing community-based ecotourism ventures. He is an international trainer and public speaker where he draws on his diverse intellectual pursuits to captivate his audiences with his blend of linguistics, neuro-science and egalitarian culture for personal development enhanced through his exceptional ability as a story teller.  He is especially passionate for indigenous cultures, notably hunter-gatherers and their shamanic practices, human origins and evolution, ecological intelligence and the cosmos, astro-physics and the magnificent Kalahari stars.  Greg is never short of information to share on Africa, her indigenous people, wild places and beyond to the amazing universe in the night sky. He would be delighted to share this passion with you through fascinating stories around the campfire.

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